5 wardrobe picks to experiment with this autumn

October is here and we're starting to get that autumn feeling. We have collected five wardrobe pieces to experiment with this autumn that look smart and fun to wear but still keep you warm on rainy days.

Dress Shorts

Shorts owe much of the contemporary origins to the military.

Living in peaceful times (thank God) we can now create trendy cosy ensembles for autumn-winter season. Why stash these away opting for jeans and pants instead while you can rock them with:

>a pair of over-the-knee boots

>a long heavy-weighted coat

>pair with opaque tights

>cropped tailored collarless jacket / blazer

How to wear shorts in winter

Red heels & accessories

For the lovers of all things red here comes the right time to accompany red heels with a smart red handbag.

Remember that red becomes a dominant colour in your look so be careful picking the rest of colours. Red goes well with neutral basic colours: navy, white, nude and black.

How to wear a red bag and red heels

Turban - a new way to wear your favourite scarf

There’s no fashion statement quite as glamorous as the turban. The new era of fashion is dawning with more and more women opting for an urban turban look as opposed to traditional hijab worn for obvious reasons.

Seen on Gloria Swanson of the 1950's 'Sunset Boulevard', turban has found its way into modern fashion by women looking to add a unique touch to their look. What we love about turbans the most is that it's a great tip to refer to on a bad hair day. Though, ideally, you should never have a bad hair day :)

Dina Tokio wearing a turban

Bracelet gloves

Dictated by the vintage looks, a pair of gloves is probably the last thing you think of when planning your autumn wardrobe. In fact, those go well with:

> a knee-length swing dress

>a cropped-sleeved jacket like the one below

>sleeveless evening dress (just remember not to overpower the look with jewellery)

>off the shoulder sleeved long waistcoat with oversized pockets

How to wear bracelet gloves

Black leather pants

Whether you are sporty, fancy, smart, or somewhere in-between, black leather pants are your new best friend. Follow these simple rules and look your best in a pair of our Opulent Trousers with a leather yoke:


>Pair with a denim jacket

>Opt for feminine pastel shaded tops

>Get cosy with an oversized knit pullover

>Pair with a cropped top

>Pair with our Aurora coat

How to wear leather pants

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