10 Reasons Why Couture or Wedding Dress Reality Check

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Choosing your perfect wedding dress is usually one of the first things on your mind after becoming engaged, and sometimes this is easier said than done with all the choice out there! And it gets even more complicated if you decided to have a wedding dress made for you by a couture bridal dressmaker instead of buying one from a retail chain store. Let's look at how to find your perfect wedding dress shape when looking at a fully bespoke version of your gown.

Know the difference

There is a huge difference between a couture dress you try on in a stockist store and the one that is made for you, to your style, exact body measurements, and from your selected fabrics. Unfortunately, there are many designers who often use the word 'couture' to increase the selling price of a gown, which was designed in, for instance, England but made in The Far East. Know the difference between the two and do not be mislead by stockists offering you to try on a ready-made dress 'for the shape' and add extras to the dress to personalise it by adding extra sleeves, or lace motifs.

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So, what is a couture wedding dress?

A couture dress is the one that has been designed only for you, with consideration of your body shape, selected silks or lace, beads. In an ideal world, this starts with sketching, followed by a fitting of a mockup dress, and only then you get to see your 'shell' dress - an unfinished version of your dress made from your originally selected fabrics. Making of such a dress involves up to five fittings and has its own benefits - you can have it made in two to three months instead of waiting for a retailer deliver a standard size gown that normally takes about six to nine months.

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Let's talk about budget

This should, probably, be the very first and the most important thing to think about when considering a couture bridal gown. As we all know, bespoke and couture are the words of luxury, especially when it comes to a special occasion like your wedding. Often, the starting price of a couture bridal gown is a little higher than that of a wedding dress from a retail chain store. Assign a budget to your wedding dress and remember that most of the times alterations you did not initially plan for often come at an additional cost in retail stores.

Unlike those in a couture store where your dress is designed with consideration of the unique wants and needs of a bride. It is best to pay most attention during your mockup dress fitting and apply any changes to the cut and shape of the dress before the 'shell' dress was made to avoid any unnecessary costs that may happen if you have changed your mind last minute.

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And what about accessories?

You may also decide to save some funds for your shoes and accessories. Because in the bridal industry these tend to come up to half of the cost of the wedding dress or even higher if you have an expensive taste. And if you do, be sure to consider an option of adding a bespoke bridal hand fan accessory. With us, you receive a one-to-one consultation with the bridal hand fan specialists who help you create an exquisite hand fan and add a touch of luxury to your look.

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Retail price VS couture price

As you already know, the price of a ready-to-wear wedding dress in a chain store is always lower than that in a fully couture gown designed and made for you from start to finish, to your body measurements, from your selected fabrics. The reason is because the vast majority of dresses in retail stores are made in the Far East countries. Yes, that's correct. The designer may be American or, let's say, Spanish. And, unfortunately, the costs of manufacturing in a parent country are always much higher than a retail client is prepared to pay for a wedding dress. Designers then opt for a cost-effective way of outsourcing of labour and raw materials by producing in China.

How to avoid this trick? Ask your bridal consultant about where the dress was made, not who the designer is. 'This designer is American' and 'Made in China' on the label. See the difference? If you haven't heard an honest answer, every dress has a care label inside that tells you where it was made. Here at LLuks London, we're all about designing in London and making it British in our very own bridal workshop and an showroom studio in W10.

Why couture?

1. Showcase your personal style

2. Take yourself a step above other brides wearing the same dress as you are on another end of the same city

3. Look sharp and confident

4. Wear a dress that compliments your shape the way YOU want it, not the way the designer designed it

5. Get a better fit

6. Choose quality materials and embroidery that match your wedding theme

7. Support sustainable and ethical fashion and fashion made in the UK

8. Waste less time by booking numerous appointments in retail stores

9. Waste less money (yes, you heard me right) because many retail stores charge an appointment fee for every visit until you have bought your dress, and additional alterations fees for shortening, adding, removing or amending details.

10. Make lifetime memories about the experience of having a bespoke wedding dress made. Fifty years later, you will look back at the photos of yourself during the fitting and those simply heartwarming.

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What's next?

If you are still in two minds about whether or not it is worth having a couture wedding dress made, there's nothing stopping you from visiting our showroom and talking to our bridal specialists. Bring along your inspirational photos you may have collected from sites. An if you do not have those, do not worry! We will talk through your ideas and put together a sketch or a few before confirming the desired style. And even after your mockup dress it cut and tried on, you still have all the chances of applying changes to the style up until you are satisfied with the feel and look of the dress.

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