Champagne Reception: The Best of LLuks and it's Bridal Gown Video

There is something rather heartwarming about the event we held yesterday at LLuks London's Bridal and Bespoke Showroom. Here are the highlights...

We welcomed 76 guests including friends and clients of Tanya Dimitrova Sampling and Production Studio. Traditionally, known as a studio for manufacturing clothes for fashion designers and high-street retailers, our showroom is a great addition to the premises open for members of public interested in bespoke-made pieces of wardrobe.

Debut Bridal Gown

First of its kind, handmade from start to finish, designed and made in our London studio. As a special occasion event for us, we presented our very first bridal gown to mark the start of our ready-to-wear bridal range. With a team of 10 talented dressmakers led by Tanya, whose design is inspired by fifties' fashion, we brought to life this beautiful bridal piece.

Dress In The Making - Watch The Video

The Dress

Made from the finest Italian and French fabrics, the dress uses eleven metres of silk, 3 metres of beaded lace, features a puddle train and a dip hem front hemline inspired by late fifties. The gown features a deep front and back necklines, long see-through lace sleeves and a button-down closure.

Our Crew

Left to right: Lina, Emi, Tanya (the Founder and Director), Carmen, Tedi, Sonia, Desi, Yelena, Angelina and Elena (sitting down). A team of 3 talented pattern cutters, 6 skilled tailors and sample machinists - a team to be proud of, ladies who make your clothes and hand-finish each and every garment.

Our Hand Fan Specialists

It was an absolute pleasure to see Denise and Janis at the event last night who happened to have seen our wedding gown among the first. Driven by love for vintage clothing, their passion for all beautiful has grown into making bespoke hand fan accessories for brides to be.

Silks And Plains, Heels And Flats

The Event In Numbers

989 photos taken

98 glasses of champagne and soft drinks served

32 friends and clients visited including one baby boy Noah with soft curly hair

14 glasses of prosecco cocktails mixed

4 Uber trips taken to sort last-minute arrangements

2 pots of growing flowers received as a presents

1 canvas painting gifted to Tanya - see it soon hanging on the wall in our showroom

Our Partners

The Queen's Park Station Florist

Yani Yordanova Photography Tanya Dimitrova Sampling and Production Studio


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