Lluks London: Inspiration Behind The Brand's Name

Lluks London is a design - led fashion brand born, developed and made in London. Sparked by the love of skulls and red flowers, this is intricately expressed in the brand's logo. Urban - inspired, this collection reflects a character of a strong and self - sufficient woman. Provocative, determined and upscale, while keeping the beauty of so - loved classic blacks and military shades.

Influenced by creativity of today's woman's lifestyle, her impact on today's society, our designs reflect the ever existing melting pot of urban individuality. The soft lines of leather, the hard lines of black, the contrast red and white, the secret of skulls are among few things that inspire the brand.



'skulls' read backwards



The capital of Great Britain, the melting pot of cultures

Coming to life in 2017, Tanya created the brand reflecting who she is and what she loves.

Tanya has been making bespoke clothes since age 16 with this passion passed onto her by her mom. A teacher, with over 35 years of experience in dressmaking, Tanya's mom has been supporting her daughter's hobby which now has flown into this collection.

The brand's design and fashion studio is based in North - West London where you can meet Tanya face to face. Most of the time, Tanya is developing new styles and working on improvement of technical sides of seams, achieving supreme seam finishings and turning pieces of fabric into a high - end piece. Lluks London is the result of Tanya's passion to doing what she loves, and loving what she does.

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